If the Shoe Fits...

            If Cinderella taught us anything, it’s that having the right shoe makes all the difference in the world. Not to slam the princess ‘cause we all know if worked out in the end but come on, glass slippers? At the end of the day, that’s just asking for sore feet and blisters.
            Every girl knows it’s the shoes that make the outfit, so why settle when it comes to the most important outfit you’ll ever wear? If you ask me, a lot of the traditional bridal shoes are a little too boring. You’re shoes should say something about you. Sassy. Chic. Eccentric. Casual. Spicy. Fun. You get the idea.
            Even if you’re a traditional bride and are planning a traditional wedding, this is the perfect area to let a little flair show. Unless you’re styling a short wedding dress (which demands an amazing pair of shoes) your shoes aren’t going to be showing for very long.

            This season’s most popular trend of footwear includes colored, cowboy boots, Chuck Taylors, and spiky heals. I will offer one piece of advice- if you’re not normally a heals girl, I wouldn’t make your stiletto debut at your wedding. 

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