If the Shoe Fits...

            If Cinderella taught us anything, it’s that having the right shoe makes all the difference in the world. Not to slam the princess ‘cause we all know if worked out in the end but come on, glass slippers? At the end of the day, that’s just asking for sore feet and blisters.
            Every girl knows it’s the shoes that make the outfit, so why settle when it comes to the most important outfit you’ll ever wear? If you ask me, a lot of the traditional bridal shoes are a little too boring. You’re shoes should say something about you. Sassy. Chic. Eccentric. Casual. Spicy. Fun. You get the idea.
            Even if you’re a traditional bride and are planning a traditional wedding, this is the perfect area to let a little flair show. Unless you’re styling a short wedding dress (which demands an amazing pair of shoes) your shoes aren’t going to be showing for very long.

            This season’s most popular trend of footwear includes colored, cowboy boots, Chuck Taylors, and spiky heals. I will offer one piece of advice- if you’re not normally a heals girl, I wouldn’t make your stiletto debut at your wedding. 

Capri Photography

           One of the most important things to remember is to hire an amazing photographer for your big day. Your picture are the only thing you have left when the wedding is all said and done so make sure to find someone who will immortalize all those memories for you.

            The majority of the pictures on my site are from local photographer Megan Blunk. Megan has an amazing ability to capture every special moment, every little detail, and every important memory. She works with the bride and her vision, listening to what she feels is important and making sure to capture everything the bride wants.

            I have personally been a part of the wedding party in one of Megan’s shoots and have also observed her as a wedding coordinator. She works hard to achieve a relationship with the bride and family while still maintaining a professional yet fun atmosphere. A lot of wedding photographers view a wedding shoot as simply another job, Megan lives and breathes photography. From researching ideas and techniques to capturing memories for simple enjoyment, Megan works hard to stay up to date with all the current trends.  

            “I have a passion for art, design, and photography. I love capturing expressions and emotions because those moments compare to nothing else. The best part is not only interaction with fantastic people and having fun but making new amazing friendships. If you would like to experience that then email me. I look forward to meeting you!!” –Megan

To see a full representation of Megan's work, visit her website at            https://www.facebook.com/CapriPhotographyByMeg



Do It Yourself Without Killing Yourself

             Pinterest can either be your weddings biggest ally or its worst enemy. There are so many creative DIY ideas out there that it can be overwhelming if you try to do too many. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about saving a little money and doing things yourself. But I’m also all about a sane bride walking down the aisle.
             Before diving into a million projects, take an overall look at what you want your wedding to be like and who is helping you make it that way. Figure out what DIY projects are vital and which you could do without. GET THE VITAL ONES DONE FIRST. Make a list and a date you want it finished by and just go down the list. If you complete all the projects you can before the week of the wedding, believe me when I say you’ll be thankful. There are so many things that can’t be done until the week of that making 300 paper flowers shouldn’t be one of them.
            If you’re anything like me, delegating is not a strong point. I get a picture in my head of what I would like something to look like and I have to do it. Do not be like me. You know all those people who have told you they’ll help with whatever and you’ve smiled and said “I can’t think of anything!” all the while images of homemade bouquets and pinwheels are flashing across your brain? Use those people. They want to help. Look through your projects and figure out ones you can give to someone else. If you’re nervous about the end result if you’re not there, throw a party, invite a bunch of friends, and make a night of it. Whether you’re stuffing invitations, making flowerballs, or putting together centerpieces, chick flicks and chocolate always bring people together – just keep the chocolate away from the invitations.
            One last thing, if you’re DIYing it to save money, check the overall cost of a project before you get started. Sometimes it ends up costing the same amount or even more in the end if there are a lot of materials. Happy crafting!  


Shades of Grey

              And this season’s popular color award goes to…grey! Whether by itself or accompanied by yellows, pinks, or purples, grey offers a softer option for upcoming weddings. It can be casual or incredibly chic depending on what style you want. This wedding went for a country chic look using browns as well as yellow to accent the grey. Check out some of my favorites. 

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