Do It Yourself Without Killing Yourself

             Pinterest can either be your weddings biggest ally or its worst enemy. There are so many creative DIY ideas out there that it can be overwhelming if you try to do too many. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about saving a little money and doing things yourself. But I’m also all about a sane bride walking down the aisle.
             Before diving into a million projects, take an overall look at what you want your wedding to be like and who is helping you make it that way. Figure out what DIY projects are vital and which you could do without. GET THE VITAL ONES DONE FIRST. Make a list and a date you want it finished by and just go down the list. If you complete all the projects you can before the week of the wedding, believe me when I say you’ll be thankful. There are so many things that can’t be done until the week of that making 300 paper flowers shouldn’t be one of them.
            If you’re anything like me, delegating is not a strong point. I get a picture in my head of what I would like something to look like and I have to do it. Do not be like me. You know all those people who have told you they’ll help with whatever and you’ve smiled and said “I can’t think of anything!” all the while images of homemade bouquets and pinwheels are flashing across your brain? Use those people. They want to help. Look through your projects and figure out ones you can give to someone else. If you’re nervous about the end result if you’re not there, throw a party, invite a bunch of friends, and make a night of it. Whether you’re stuffing invitations, making flowerballs, or putting together centerpieces, chick flicks and chocolate always bring people together – just keep the chocolate away from the invitations.
            One last thing, if you’re DIYing it to save money, check the overall cost of a project before you get started. Sometimes it ends up costing the same amount or even more in the end if there are a lot of materials. Happy crafting!  

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