The Veil

Wedding veils can be a little tricky. You don’t walk around in everyday life with a flowy white thing dangling from your head so how are you supposed to know what you’ll like? The best thing to do is just try some one. Once you’ve found a dress that you like, not necessarily “the one” but one that you would consider, ask your bridal consultant to show you a few different veils.

As a bride, I was a veil hater. I didn’t want to be one of those brides whose head got yanked back every time someone swooped in for a hug and looked like a giant cupcake in all her pictures. The only thing I would even consider was a birdcage veil. Three of the four boutiques I went to while dress shopping didn’t even ask if I was interesting in veiling so it wasn’t really an issue. Once I found my dress I decided to try on the birdcage veil and was immediately hooked.

A few months later I started working at a bridal salon and was trained in what each style of veil meant and what it was used for. We were instructed as consultants to make sure every bride we saw tried on at least one veil, preferably three. I hated the idea. What if my brides were like me and didn’t really want a veil? But, it was my job so I did it.

The more brides I helped, the more times I explained the meanings and purposes behind each veil, the more I fell in love with veiling. I made sure every bride had the opportunity to see what she would look like in a veil. That way, even if she hated it, she would at least know what she was saying no to.

I loved my birdcage veil and wouldn’t have changed any piece of it. However, I wish I would have been able to see what I would have looked like in traditional veiling. Whether you decide to wear a simply flower or go with the complete traditional look, veiling is one of the most important parts of your wedding attire. After all, a veil is the difference between a pretty girl in a pretty dress, and a bride.

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