Top Five things to do BEFORE going dress shopping

1.     Set a Budget. It is so important to know what you are able to spend on a dress. Talk to whoever it is that will be paying for the dress and set a distinct price point. If you wait till you’re in the store shopping, you’ll simply
      be adding stress and sometimes even hinder finding
      your perfect dress.
   2.     Decide who you would like to come with you. Your entourage can make or break your appointment. Make sure whoever is coming with you will be honest but tactful. You need someone whose opinion you can trust but also remembers it’s what you want that matters most.
    3.     Get an idea of what style you like. There are so many different styles to wedding gowns that it’s a good idea to at least have a place to begin when you first start shopping. If nothing else, have an idea of what shape you’re interested in trying first. But, don’t get hung up on that original shape if it doesn’t work once you have it on.
   4.      Decide what height of heal you plan on wearing. On your wedding
      day you’ll be standing for a long time. You’ll also be standing for a while during your appointments.
      If you know what height of heal you would like to wear, you can have a trial run during your appointments. That way if after 20 minutes you can’t stand anymore, you’ll know before the wedding!  
5.      Do your hair and makeup. It sounds silly but let me explain. Even if you’re getting the simplest dress in the entire store, it’s still a wedding dress. I don’t mean an up-do and night-life makeup, just something so when you’re surrounded by mirrors you’re looking at the dress and not getting distracted by crazy hair. 

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