Do's and Don'ts for a Holiday Wedding

            If you’ve been into Hobby Lobby in the last, oh 3 months, you’ll see that Christmas is slowly sneaking up on us. Granted, the wonderful HobLob is a little quick on the draw when it comes to the holiday but it did get me thinking. Christmas is at this very second 103 days, 4 hours, 26 minutes, and 10 seconds away. That means that any holiday weddings are within 100 days (give or take a day or two). That’s soon in wedding world! You’re preliminary to-do check list should have a lot crossed of by now.

            One of the great things about holiday weddings is the decorations. Everyone loves Christmas decorations. Even if they say they don’t, in their heart of hearts they secretly do,
i.e. The Grinch. Why waste all those glittering bulbs and crystals? Throw them in a vase, wrap some lights around ‘em and voila- you’ve got yourself some wedding decorations.
            There are two different ways you can use Christmas decorations at your wedding- the classy way, and the trashy way. Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to see Santa at your wedding. I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, or how much you love him, Santa is not invited to your wedding.

Another thing to watch out for is overdoing it. Even though it’s during the holiday season, this is still a wedding. You want it to look up-scale and elegant so keep it simple.

Here are a few Do's and Don'ts to think about when planning a holiday wedding:
Do show a pop or red
Don't go all red

Don't use ornaments as favors

Do use ornaments as name cards 

Don't be too Christmasy 
Do use Christmas bulbs in your decorating

Don't do plaid red bridesmaid dresses
Do have an adorable red flower girl dress

Don't go crazy on the Christmas cake
Do use winter themes on your cake

Don't do Santa!
Do use greenery with candles for a warm winter feel. 

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