He put a ring on it

From the moment you got engaged it’s been about the ring. You probably dreamt about it, imagined what it would be like to have that sparkling diamond on your finger, and just about hyperventilated when you finally received it.
After you have chosen a photographer, make sure they know you want a few fun shots of that ring (oh yeah, his can be in there too). I’m not talking about the classic hands in the flower shots – not that those are bad, just a little old school. You want to be able to see the details in that ring, no matter how big or small, this is your ring!

Most photographers will already know that this is a key shot they need to take, but just in case, make sure you let them know it’s important to you. Maybe it won’t be the picture you get printed on a 30x40 canvas but who knows, if it’s cool enough, maybe you will! 

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